Data aware Data Management System.

[IDEA2]: Data aware Data Management Systems – borrowing and building up on ideas implemented in the form of OLTP, OLAP and Big Data systems and a wide variety of other systems including distributed systems (e.g. git) – developing a specification for a uniform client interface to “DATA” irrespective of its size, nature and structure. For example providing a uniform SQL interface to data irrespective of whether the data is 1 KB, 1 GB or 1 TB and whether it is structured, semi-structured or unstructured and whether it is string, number, xml or binary content. Requirements The system should be aware […] – similar to a website to capture ideas succinctly with features to share, rate, discuss. There would be only two guidelines – genuine content and freedom for everyone to use, expand, implement and/or do anything that they want to with a published idea. Patents if any that would flow from any such work need not be GPL licensed but would love if it is.