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Open standards in BioInformatics

Like in any other domain there are several significant developments in standards in health in the recent years. Several new standards like FHIR have evolved and have seen strong adoption globally.

However health is a domain of domains, there are many areas within health industry that can significantly benefit from strong set of standards. BioInformatics is one such sub domain which could benefit from stronger standards and better adoption.

There are quite a few standards already in BioInformatics. A few standards are listed below :

Most of these standards in BioInformatics have been addressing the need for standardizing file-format/content for various datasets generated a.

For processes a.k.a. pipelines below are often used techniquees

  • Direct command line scripts using languages like BASH, Perl and/or Python
  • CWL – Common Workflow Language
  • OpenWDL – Open Workflow Definition Language

The last amongst these OpenWDL is being championed by MIT and Broad Institute and has generated significant interest in the BioInformatics community and industry at large.

Below is a brief listing of these standards how support for them stacks up today.

VaidhyaMegha’s BISDLC SaaS offering has out-of-the box support to all 3 paradigms and more. Below is a very quick demonstration on top of the fantastic open source platform BioStar central, that demonstrates in an over simplified manner how these paradigms can be supported with small enhancements to BioStar central.

Credits : Biostar central and our intern Ananya Shivkumar

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