Month: January 2022

  • Enterprise Knowledge Graphs and the need for it

    Today, most enterprises have a Business Intelligence and analytics teams. They address the time-sensitive, operational needs of the organization. Also, importantly, business decisions are taken based on insights discovered from these platforms. Often AI/ML helps project into the future. Most often, BI platforms and the need for a workforce is acknowledged and highly valued by […]

  • Open knowledge graph on clinical trials

    VaidhyaMegha is building an open knowledge graph on clinical trials, comprising Specification Below is a very brief specification Additionally, clinical trial -> clinical trial links across trial registries will also be discovered and added. Source code Current State Reference VaidhyaMegha’s prior work on Last 3 are covered in the “examples” folder here. They were covered in separate public repos here earlier. This […]

  • FAQ : Cloud : NFRs, FOSS and Cost : TL;DR version

    Note : This is why you need architects and why every cloud provides blueprints, certifications, blogs, sample applications and are constantly trying to refine, refactor, rebuild their services. Source : Decades of experiences across many cloud providers. Trigger : Recent conversations with enterpreneurs/clients/prospects. Reference : What is an NFR? What is TL;DR This post was later published on […]