Data Structures Visualization


  1. List all the data structures ex: Queue, Stack, Tree
  2. Support tagging at each data structure instance. ex: LinkedList may be tagged as list, queue.
  3. Represent the hierarchy of data structures visually using the above tags. e.g. abstract data types —> concrete data types —> to use-case specific/application data types. Concrete example Tree —> Binary Tree –> Binary Search Tree.
  4. List problems with their definitions along with tagging by their types.
  5. List algorithms with their psuedo code along with tagging by their types.
  6. Link data structures to problems and algorithms.
  7. Allow instantiation of a data structure with specified parameters.
  8. Represent the data structure visually. Generate a DOT file on the server side and use GraphViz/Tulip to generate an image dynamically and send the image over to the browser.
  9. Allow LCRUD on all the three – problems, algorithms, datastructures.
  10. Allow REPL to solve the problems within UI.


  1. Starting a Ruby on Rails project on this soon on github.


  1. Graphviz based UI visualization –
  2. Graph gem –
  3. Project with  my data structure implementations and some problems with solutions  –
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