Unlocking Insights: A Knowledge Graph Connecting Clinical Trials, Medical Vocabulary, and Research Articles

Summary – Using this knowledge graph, comprising of 4 co-existing bi-partite graphs, one can move from any trial, across the globe, to medical vocabulary of diseases/interventions, to research articles. Also discover relationships b/w various medical topics through co-occurrences in articles.
– Graph includes trials across the globe from nearly 20 clinical trial registries. Data is sourced from WHO’s ICTRP and clinicaltrials.gov
– Links from trial to MeSH vocabulary are added for conditions and interventions employed in the trial.
– Links from trial to PubMed articles are added. PubMed’s experts curate this metadata information for each article.
– 4 co-existing bi-partite graphs b/w trial–> condition, trial–> intervention, trial –> articles, article –> MeSH DUIs together comprise this knowledge graph.
Changes in this release : Adding MRCOC to the graph for the selected articles linked to clinical trials.

This post was later published on LinkedIn here.

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