Open Source Ideas

  1. Open Source
  2. Data Aware Data Management System
  3. Future Forward – How about a reality show where we bring together aspiring politicians. They showcase their daily lives as activists. The winner will be sponsored to run for elections.
  4. JVM Simulator – Similar to GnuSim for 8085 microprocessor, create a Simulator for Java Virtual Machine for its instruction set.
  5. JVM Hardware – Building a hardware – microprocessor – whose instruction set is same as JVM instruction set and thus allow JVM OS.
  6. JVM OS – OS which works with JVM Hardware
  7. Jad Line Navigation – Jad decompiled sources cannot be used to locate the exceptions reported in stack trace since the line numbers specified in stack trace are from original source files while the decompiled sources are not in sync with original sources wrt line numbers.If stack trace can find out original source’s location(line number) from class files alone then Jad should also be able to do that.??
  8. Jad Program Conversion Suite – Once compiled into classes – byte code – Jad can be used to decompile to any other JVM based language and thus convert a java program into any other JVM language.
  9. Ozone Predictor – Predict visually using statistical modelling based on number of factors as to by when the ozone’s hole can be replenished.
  10. Account App – A mobile phone app to allow access to your basic account information along with bill details. It should suggest best plans looking at usage. A platform to cross sell/upsell services.
  11. Requirements are mapped to APIs and that’s how specifications are developed
  12. VideoDiary – Daily one video at the end of the day.
  13. Hudson how tos.
  14. Maven how tos.
  15. SVN how tos
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