– similar to a website to capture ideas succinctly with features to share, rate, discuss. There would be only two guidelines – genuine content and freedom for everyone to use, expand, implement and/or do anything that they want to with a published idea. Patents if any that would flow from any such work need not be GPL licensed but would love if it is.

Open Source Ideas

Open Source Data Aware Data Management System Future Forward – How about a reality show where we bring together aspiring politicians. They showcase their daily lives as activists. The winner will be sponsored to run for elections. JVM Simulator – Similar to GnuSim for 8085 microprocessor, create a Simulator for Java Virtual Machine for its instruction set. JVM Hardware – Building a hardware – microprocessor – whose instruction set is same as JVM instruction set and thus allow JVM OS. JVM OS – OS which works with JVM Hardware Jad Line Navigation – Jad decompiled sources cannot be used […]


From a mail to a friend….some words are from Telugu language… so far this year has been good…I have started travelling again…been to australia and now in newzealand… on a personal front nothing has changed…stopped smoking(smoked for one week an year ago..but stopped again since …) stopped drinking(had to take a half-peg mexican margarita a week ago that was first in an year or more) …started cooking…started exercising a bit once a week… I joined Infosys… got opportunities to do good work….by role I am playing an architect…but not much has changed in official designation…..inka frech beard petta konni rojulu..and […]

Little town experience

From one of my mails to a friend/colleague.. Little Town is a very small place close to Keswick ( – tourism website) in Lake District…alomost to extreme North West of England. We started from Barnard Castle (in Durham County) in a car on A67 highway (or motorway as they put it!) and then moved on to A66 and reached Penrith first and then Keswick.. the drive itself was very pleasant with lots of farms…distant hills… and at times some small water lanes next to the road…coming down from the hills I guess…it took us about an hour… Keswick had a […]