– Part 2

In Part 1 we have briefly introduced the platform, the problem it solves and the alternatives as of now. In this part 2 article we will explore one of its features – ‘Access’.

‘Access’ essentially allows a way to retrieve trials records from a specific trial registry. There are 3 path ways that this might happen

  • A specific/known trial id needs to be looked up to retrieve it’s record in the registry.
  • A random exploration of list of trials from the registry
  • Query the trial registry records directly by filtering them against any attribute i.e. SQL.

Like all other platform features ‘Access’ is feasible through both UI as well as API(which can be used directly from command-line and/or programmatically).

Below are few examples and screenshots:

  • Navigation

This feature is currently available for 15 registries, over 4 continents and several countries.

In the next articles we will cover other features – Search, Discover, Analyze.

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