– Part 3

In Part2, we have discussed about “Access” feature on platform. In this article, let’s explore “Search” feature.

Search” feature enables users to search for any clinical trial record by entering any text i.e. disease, medical condition, study type,  location etc. Below are the aspects of Search feature:

  • Search engine examines all the words of clinical trial records in each Clinical trial registry to match the search text
  • Returns all clinical trial records which meets the search criteria
  • Search results can be bookmarked to quickly view and analyze later
  • Customize search results by selecting needed database columns from UI 

Search functionality can be accomplished in 2 ways:

  • UI -User Interface
  • API – from command line or programmatically 

Let’s take a look at the navigation steps and screenshots which shows how the search functionality can be accomplished.
1. Launch and click on “Search” tab. “Search” page will be displayed as shown in the below screenshot:

2. Enter any search text say “Malaria” and click “SEARCH” button. Search results will be displayed as shown below : 

3. Customize search results by selecting any “Available Columns” say trialid, Date_Of_Registration, study_type, enrollment.type, primary_outcome.measure. Search results will be displayed as shown below:

In the coming articles, we will discuss about Discover, Compare and Analyse features.

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