Open knowledge graph on clinical trials

VaidhyaMegha is building an open knowledge graph on clinical trials, comprising

  • Clinical trial ids from across the globe
  • MeSH ids for
  1. Symptoms/Phenotype
  2. Diseases
  • PubMed Article ids
  • Genotype(from Human Genome),


Below is a very brief specification

  • Inputs
  1. MeSH RDF
  2. WHO’s clinical trials database – ICTRP.
  3. US clinical trial registrydata from CTTI’s AACT database.
  4. Data from clinical trial registries across the globe scraped from their websites’ ex: India
  • Outputs
  1. Clinical Trials RDF with below constituent ids and their relationships
  2. MeSH, Clinical Trial, PubMed Article, Symptom/Phenotype, Genotype(from Human Genome)

Additionally, clinical trial -> clinical trial links across trial registries will also be discovered and added.

Source code

  • Source code would be hosted here.

Current State

  • v0.2 : Clinical trials are linked to the RDF nodes corresponding to the MeSH terms for conditions. Download the knowledge graph from here.


VaidhyaMegha’s prior work on

  • clinical trial registries data linking.
  • symptoms to diseases linking.
  • phenotype to genotype linking.
  • trials to research articles linking.

Last 3 are covered in the “examples” folder here. They were covered in separate public repos here earlier.

This post was later published on LinkedIn here.

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