FAQ : Cloud : NFRs, FOSS and Cost : TL;DR version

  1. Can you outsource the responsibility of acheiving/managing your NFRs to Cloud providers – No
  2. Can you outsource the responsibility of decision making necessary to choose and balance your NFRs to cloud providers – Absolutely No
  3. Can you execute your decisions on NFRs faster with cloud providers – Absolutely Yes
  4. Can you outsource the responsbility of monitoring your NFRs to cloud providers – No
  5. Do cloud providers bring additional overheads to deal with, like any other previous iterations ex: Data centers – Absolutely Yes – ex: cost management
  6. Should you avoid cloud altogether – Absolutely No
  7. Should you adopt clouds wholesome – Yes
  8. Can cloud providers fail wholesome – Yes
  9. Should you implement multi-cloud strategy right now – No
  10. Are all clouds same – No
  11. Are their standards around cloud – Yes
  12. Can cloud providers really help you build the most efficient version of your product for your chosen NFRs – Absolutely No
  13. Are there seemingly contradictory statements above – Yes

Note : This is why you need architects and why every cloud provides blueprints, certifications, blogs, sample applications and are constantly trying to refine, refactor, rebuild their services.

Source : Decades of experiences across many cloud providers.

Trigger : Recent conversations with enterpreneurs/clients/prospects.

Reference : What is an NFR? What is TL;DR

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