Web 3.0

1 Introduction

Given the interest generated recently due to Elon Musk’s and Jack Dorsey’s tweets on Web 3.0. Here are few topics, thoughts, thought experiments and ideas.

1.1 Topics

Web 1.0 – Static content – HTML, URI, URL, HTTP. Access/Read content from anywhere with a browser.

Web 2.0 – Interactive – Apps – Forms, AJAX, Search, Secure access, reports – WSDL, SOAP, REST, GraphQL, TLS.

Web 3.0 – Decentralized, Semantic, No trust/permissions needed – IPFS, Blockchain.

  • Semantic Web – fully connected WWW beyond hyperlinks.

Current hyperlinks may break, redirect, subvert (by updated pages). No versioning feasible. Search engines fill this gap only slightly using page ranking and other heuristics/proxies for intention and authenticity

blockchain based non-repudiation with versioning will make a link immutable

  • Knowledge Graphs

Connected data/information/insights/knowledge/wisdom across various dimensions, domains and any observable phenomena.

  • Front end

GraphQL (Will need to be further refined) – for API.

  • Backend

SparQL – SQL for graphs

RDF , TripleStore

  • Architectural tools and frameworks

Apache Marmotta

  • Impact

Cloud/IoT to Intelligent connected edge.

Blogs/Content can be implemented as kgraph.

Search engines / Social Media / Rental Apps to SparQL Apps. Examples include

> find a movie theater near Lalbagh

> Get Posts made by my friends on Politics

> Find a 2 BHK for rent for 2 days in Guruvayur

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