What research topics are covered in your favorite sci-fi show

Why would you want to do that… well if you like a show enough to binge watch on it say – the big bang theory, Grey’s anatomy, Star Trek , silicon valley etc… you can dig deeper on the ideas/topics presented there (that fascinated you so much) to find newer alternatives, recent extensions, occasional fallacies and hopefully a few very insightful ideas for your own research… So if you have the same need as the title of this article, here’s a brief write up of steps needed to answer it reasonably: Here’s an illustration with “Grey’s anatomy” one of my […]

Predicting Clinical Trial Completion: Unveiling Factors and Risk Assessment with Machine Learning

We have been exploring few fundamental questions wrt clinical trial execution — what factors influence trial completion? can we predict ahead if the trial would fail to complete? Below is a result from our hackathon mode coding exercise over last few days building early version of our ML model using hand selected features esp. from study design And we have an API available to securely check your study’s risk using above ML model. If you are a researcher, a pharmaceutical company and would like to securely test your study please contact us for more. Average F1 score : 0.718

Animated Bar Chart Race For Clinical Trial Data

What is a Bar Chart Race: The bar chart race is an animated chart and it displays top “n” values as per year or any category. The chart consists of four parts. From bottom to top in z-order: the bars, the x-axis, the labels, and the ticker showing the current date.  It has below features.  Make the animation faster or slower by adjusting the duration in milliseconds Selects top “n” values for displaying bar chart race Good visualization with different colors for each value Replay button Reference Link: https://observablehq.com/@d3/bar-chart-race-explained Clinical Trial Registry Data : The Clinical trial data file (clinical […]

Connecting symptoms, diseases and genotype

In the previous article Connecting Clinical Trials to Research Articles , we have seen how to search PubMed database by specifying clinical trial id(s) and retrieve all the relevant journal articles. In this article, let’s learn about the association of symptoms and diseases, and Phenotype-Genotype. Importance of symptom and disease relationship Disease is an abnormal condition that negatively affects the functionality of an organism. Symptom is a physical or mental feature which can indicate a condition. The relation between the diseases and their symptoms are important to diagnose any disease. This information is also useful for medical research purposes.  Each article […]

Connecting clinical trials to research articles

We can search PubMed database by specifying clinical trial id(s) and retrieve all the relevant journal articles. The NLM (The world’s largest medical library, the U.S. National Library of Medicine is part of the National Institutes of Health) extract those trail IDs and placed them into PubMed secondary id field. How to  query single trial id?? Example: To search for journal articles related to a clinical trial id say NCT00000419, use PubMed’s application protocol interface (API) called e-Utils, which can be accessed through URL  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK25497/ Now, specify clinical trial id in the eutils api as shown below: All the journal […]

Open Dental Software

What is Open Dental “Open Dental” is a dental practice management software. It enables Providers and staff to schedule appointments and send reminders to patients automatically through text messages and email.Open Dental is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems.Current versions of the software require Microsoft Windows. Download and Install open dental trial version Download “Open Dental” software @ https://www.opendental.com/trial.html and install it on the system. Launch the application and register as a new user by entering mandatory information. Now, login to the application by using registered credentials. “Home” screen will be displayed as shown below: Create new patient  […]

Clinicaltrialsdata.org – Part 3

In Part2, we have discussed about “Access” feature on clinicaltrialsdata.org platform. In this article, let’s explore “Search” feature. “Search” feature enables users to search for any clinical trial record by entering any text i.e. disease, medical condition, study type,  location etc. Below are the aspects of Search feature: Search engine examines all the words of clinical trial records in each Clinical trial registry to match the search text Returns all clinical trial records which meets the search criteria Search results can be bookmarked to quickly view and analyze later Customize search results by selecting needed database columns from UI  Search […]

Clinicaltrialsdata.org – Part 2

In Part 1 we have briefly introduced the clinicaltrialsdata.org platform, the problem it solves and the alternatives as of now. In this part 2 article we will explore one of its features – ‘Access’. ‘Access’ essentially allows a way to retrieve trials records from a specific trial registry. There are 3 path ways that this might happen A specific/known trial id needs to be looked up to retrieve it’s record in the registry. A random exploration of list of trials from the registry Query the trial registry records directly by filtering them against any attribute i.e. SQL. Like all other platform features ‘Access’ is […]

Clinicaltrialsdata.org – Part 1

In this post, we will introduce clinicaltrialsdata.org platform, the problem it solves and the alternatives as of now. Clinical trials are executed across the globe and several trial registries, including primary registries (as classified by WHO in their registry network), exist today. If one has a need for looking at trials in a specific area of interest, at present, the only options are searching on google and visiting each one of the registries where a trial may exist and manually curating the content from them. This process is tedious, error prone not to mention frustrating. clinicaltrialsdata.org aims to collect data from all trial registries across the […]

Apache HAWQ : An Introduction

[A presentation on this topic is here] Why HAWQ? below are few use cases that help illustrate hawq and its integration features. (Sample codes and results are linked). Prerequisites Use case – 0 – Transactions Use case – 1 – HDFS – HAWQ Use case – 2 – Hive – HAWQ Use case – 3 – HBase – HAWQ Installation PXF Further Extensions For use cases 1,2,3 References This post was later published on LinkedIn here.